Powering the Green Economy, Empowering the Green Lifestyle

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The shift from widescale use of single-use plastic products is gaining worldwide attention. Many governments, companies, and consumers are making a conscious effort to reduce their impact on the environment and engage behaviors that promote a more sustainable world.

3E'ssentials  is helping to make this shift possible for the long-term good of our planet, guided by our philosophy: "powering the green economy, empowering the green lifestyle" movement. 


As implied by our mission, we are ‘providing consumers with better, sustainable, eco-friendly product choices that safeguard our planet home. We do so by putting high-quality, trusted, sustainable products conveniently with the reach of the consumer through our eCommerce store. Our aspiration is therefore an empowered customer base highly conscious of the need to ‘go green' and preserve our environment. To this end, we aim to foster a world where people can discover the eco-friendly difference when they choose to go green.​

Earth-friendly, Zero Waste


Going green may be one of the best decisions you'll ever make as we all, individually and collectively, can make a difference to help safeguard the Earth! 

Say NO to Single-use Plastics Forever

Most single-use plastics are NOT recyclable, making them major environmental pollutants and huge culprits in the climate crisis. Say NO to single-use plastic today forever! 

We Have One Planet.

Let's Love It

It is without question that Earth is the only planet that can support organic life. Let us do over best to preserve it by making bold consumer choices!

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