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providing more environmentally-friendly product and service alternatives for the conscious consumer

It takes a strong work ethic, an unbreakable will, and great resilience to find the path that one was meant to follow in life. But once it is discovered, the experience is nothing short of profound having realized the ultimate purpose you were meant to serve.


Ever since I immigrated to the U.S. in 2015, I was determined to capitalize on my solid background as a media, marketing, and communications professional by making the leap into entrepreneurism. I didn’t know which area to venture into yet, but it would soon follow that my graduate studies in Sustainability Leadership at Arizona State University were the eye-opener I needed to uncover my destiny.

Being a victim of the economic fallout prompted by the Covid-19 pandemic did not kill my spirit. Instead, it forced me to re-strategize, having searched deep within by fast-tracking a delayed process that included identifying my passion for sustainable development and sustainability.


Driven by my desire to provide better and more environmentally friendly alternatives to single-use plastics for the conscious consumer, I decided to actualize an idea I had been toying with of developing a business concept that would reflect my belief system but on a much larger scale. It is for this reason that I founded Eco Earth Essentials LLC (3Ȅ). 

I am also fortunate to have completed my Master’s degree with a 4.0 GPA albeit under very trying circumstances.



With working knowledge that is further supported by my bachelor’s degree in Integrated Marketing Communications and a Diploma in Media and Communications, coupled with national and international experience in these fields as well as customer relations and project management, this positions 3Ȅ as a brand with the potential to forge a global imprint. Add to that my insights on the consumer spectrum as a mother who wants to preserve the earth for my children by being intentional about the products I use, this aligns with the company’s mission to ‘be a reliable and consistent outlet for purchasing a diverse and unique range of high-quality sustainable products that promote zero waste, and plastic-free living while simultaneously fortifying consumers' commitment to saving our planet’.  

It does not stop at replacing these dangerous practices with earth-friendly alternatives. 3Ȅ is also a sustainability consulting firm and champion for the go-green shift with the aim of empowering people to embrace the eco-friendly difference. As a Certified Climate Reality Leader facilitated through The Climate Reality Corps chaired by US Vice President Al Gore (2021) and recipient of the Top Growth Grant by the Start:ME Accelerator Business Training Program for the 2021 Clarkston Cohort through Emory University’s Goizueta School of Business of which she participated in, the invaluable support I continually receive enables me to keep the business on the right track. It also gives me so much pleasure to positively impact lives along the way. 

In the rare chance I am not exploring green consumer solutions, I can be found reading, staying informed on current affairs, and cooking. I also enjoy spending quality time with my kids and nature photography.

Shelleyan Lewars

CEO & Founder

Let's Go Green Together!